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Though her boyfriend was not responsible for her hall, the relationship would be banned under the new ResLife rule.

Such commitments demonstrate the positive outcomes from allowing these partnerships to occur, Chamberlain said. Though it could be problematic if the duo broke up while living in the same building, Becker said issues like this are better resolved through RA training. A rule to ban the dynamic altogether will not deter RAs and residents from dating, Chamberlain said.

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Rather than resolve problems with this dynamic, the ban could make issues more secretive for fear of punishment, Becker said. She said this rule would not have deterred her from pursuing her boyfriend if it had been in place in Contact Advertise About Donate. Top This Week Foster not chosen for Trustee ballot, student activists disappointed.

Alexander Thompson January 16, The early bird applicant: She and I were voted the floor representatives.

Hooking Up With RAs: Yea Or Nay?

But I was steadfast so he left. He was a great guy regardless of this failed attempt. We all were into our RA and I think this was his way of flirting. Pretty sophomoric if you ask me.

Hooking Up With RAs: Yea Or Nay?

So while some people maintain an aggressive approach Chocolate Spartan , some people like to use their spare butt plugs as artillery in the war zone that is a dorm. A source revealed to us some of the ins and outs of the official Residence Life policy: But how strict are they? As long as we as students continue to care about ourselves, others, and the global community as a whole, it seems pretty likely that New York University will continue to take care of us.

Of course I am. Nothing terrifies me more than being so close to someone and then watching them become a stranger again.

a day in the life at Belmont University (RA edition)

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    Plus, information helps combat misunderstanding, right? For those of you unfamiliar with residence life staff, we go by several names: We are usually a bunch of upper-year students living in residence with a community of usually first-year students to whom we provide academic, social, and emotional support through community building events.