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And Miller loves nothing more than to take his girlfriend out to fancy restaurants. In fact, she has so much fun that the restaurant staff is often readily prepared for their arrival. Everybody comes to our table and says hello. I feel like a celebrity!

They also just finished a day cruise, and the grandfather-of-two is already planning their next trip together! We just had an awesome time. We met lovely people, [and] we got a great response from everyone we met.

Jodi Firestone Things are about to get really cute up in here, people! The two exchanged numbers at the end of the day, and the rest is history. For unpaid Coast Guard families, some financial options emerge.

Speed dating: the Happy Meal of romance?

For Democratic senators eyeing bids, committee hearings become campaign platform. Democrats question acting EPA chief on urgency of climate change, impact of shutdown.

Tiffany Haddish Finds Love With Speed Dating

Between a rock and a hard place: Families squeezed by teachers' strike, shutdown. Pelosi suggests Trump delay State of the Union address.

Clamor growing for Trump tax returns as key House Democrat urges caution. Is your mini-date out of your preferred age range?

However, you can still make it a fun five minutes. Be open, have fun, and again—see each person as a potential friend who might teach you something new or inspire you in some way. Single and Mingling Through the Holiday Season. Heat up a First Date with Vegan Food: How to Speed Date: Top Ten Questions to Start the Conversation.