Why do i keep dating addicts

Self-care is essential to finding ways to limit the unwanted influence of substance use in your life. For example, your loved one may be experiencing decreased physical health and worsening mental health symptoms , employment issues, strained relationships, and finance troubles. However, at the same time, you may be neglecting the stress that your loved one's addiction has on you.

Chances are good your mental and physical health has been affected by substance use in at least one of the following ways:. Do you love someone who is addicted? Hear from others who understand and get support.

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Having an addicted loved one is an enormous stressor. The more time and energy you put towards your loved one, the fewer resources you have left to address your needs. Because of this, you need to take careful steps to retain your physical and mental health.

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Self-care means actively using positive coping skills that improve your well being and better manage outside stress. Self-care may initially seem selfish, but improving your own health will make you better able to help your loved one when needed. Additionally, it will increase your ability to be available for other people that need you. People in caregiver roles that do not practice self-care can experience burnout and compassion fatigue. These occur when someone can no longer maintain a level of caring or interest in the loved one. People that experience burnout become cold, distant, and unable to care for themselves or others.

Steps to Improve Physical Health Begin self-care by targeting the aspects of your physical health that are damaged by stress. By addressing these, you can return to a healthy level of functioning. By making one small change you're likely to start a continuum of positive changes, because all of the above are interconnected.

By working to improve sleep, diet and exercise will also improve. Steps to Improve Mental Health Taking care of your mental health is equally as important as taking care of your physical health. To stay mentally healthy when you're dealing with the stresses of a loved one struggling with addiction:. Sometimes the stress of loving someone who is abusing drugs is too overwhelming to deal with on your own. Fortunately, there is help available for families and loved ones of people struggling with a substance use disorder:. Seeking therapy from a mental health professional can help guide you toward effective self-care techniques and teach you new coping skills tailored to your needs and abilities.

A therapist may work with you on issues like communication and distress tolerance while offering support and validation. The therapist can train you to be more aware of the role you play in addiction and target behaviors to modify. Therapy can be individual therapy, group therapy, or a combination of each.

This option may be an appropriate addition to professional treatment or completed independently. He told me also that sometimes he'd hold back an orgasm during sex to avoid feeling anything.

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So, while some women check their lover's cell phones for secrets, I found myself that night in my bathroom picking through the wastebasket looking for the condom to see if this man who rarely returned my phone calls had had a proper orgasm. Once, when we were in bed and I was worrying too much to enjoy it, I asked him to "just talk to me. I asked for more, so he said, in a sighing confession, "Well Scott was usually drunk when he'd come over, but sometimes he may have been sober. After about two years I said, "I think I deserve an answer, after all this time.

Do you love me? And I don't use that word very often. Four years ago Scott moved to Micronesia to work for the government. I never heard from him again. I think I'm still waiting for him to come back. Alan, a handsome middle-aged pediatrician on the Upper East Side, sat looking at me in a kindly or patronizing way.

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He'd just tried to embrace me. We were in his lovely den, on his comfortable beige sofa, watching football on his flat screen TV.

5 Things To Know Before Dating An Addict

He'd made space for me in front of him and wrapped a throw around us. I'd managed there, my back to him, staring blankly at the television, for about a minute before I could no longer bear the suffocation of his arms and the wooden coolness of his healthy hips.

I moved to the far arm of the sofa, then to the windows to look out at the colorful high-rising night sky.

Professional/ Community Treatment Options

You should see the penniless maniacs I'm typically attracted to. Some people just aren't able to. Zach writes jingles and uses heroin without needles. We never had sex during the six weeks we dated. I'd hold him, though, put my hand on his cervical spine and feel it relax, his torso expand and soften.

Zach was concentrating on not drinking, because drinking could lead to heroin, which he wanted to quit, even though it made him feel like everything was right in the world, like he had to do nothing at all to justify his existence, like he was perfect, nurtured. She's always there for me," he assured me, though I hadn't asked.

Should You Be Dating if You Have a Pornography Addiction?

Zach said that being with me was like heroin. I don't know what my addicts found through knowing me. But in trying to love them, I found shame, panic and momentary tranquility.